HELP US fund supplies for students or the construction of a Children’s Discovery and Conference Center.  

The opportunity to engage children and adults in the excitement of active learning and to become part of research studies is the very best way to cultivate the lifelong learner. Much of the support for this will come from foundation and grant resources to sustain our program. 

The bulk of our financial resources in support of supplies and space development will come from fundraising programs from donors and corporations who want to ensure that our youth are prepared to meet the technical workforce challenges ahead of them. The lifelong learner developed as part of our program will have the foundation and perspective for a profession that will demand creativity and continued learning.

So, please consider helping us realize our goal of quality instructional resources and a space to call our own by donating below. Thank you! 


Fund Supplies & Operations

Funds donated to supplies and operations will be used for ongoing support of educational programs through the year as well as demonstrations, field trips and camps. Funds and matching support from corporate sponsors, grants and foundations will be solicited through our fund raising programs.

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Fund Our Maker Space, Children's Museum & Conference Center

Funds donated to the Maker Space and Children’s Museum and Conference Center will be used exclusively for construction of a permanent facility in Georgetown where active learning experiences will take place day and night to engage children and the community in active inquiry. We are actively seeking corporate donors interested in securing naming rights for the museum/center or various facilities within the center.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card